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Most of us have tried dieting and failed a few times over. Even if we are successful, there is a good chance that we will regain the weight anyway. Weight loss is hard and the odds are stacked against us.

No wonder the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar goliath.


You can buy pills, belts, even soap that claims to get rid of fat - face it, you have considered the soap - I know I have.

It seems that there is always some new answer to weight loss. The latest of these is called Meratrim and it apparently works by preventing the storage of fat.

Dr Oz loves it (

Here is the lowdown on Meratrim and what the science says.

What is it and What Does it Do?

Meratrim is based on studies conducted on the metabolism of fat cells in test tubes - the testers simply added different combinations of herbs to find the most effective blend.

The herbs they found were most effective are Sphaeranthus indicus and one you have probably heard of Garcinia mangostana in a three to one ratio.

Each of these have been utilized by traditional healers for years.

If you want to read the real hard science, click

The layperson's explanation is that it can:

  1. Inhibit the ability of the fat cell to multiply.
  2. Decrease fat cells' fat uptake from the blood.
  3. Cause fat cells to burn the fat stored.

It is important to keep in mind that all of the claims are based on what occurred in test tube conditions, not in humans.

Does it Really Work?

I found a great study that set out to test this theory. It ran for 2 months and had 100 test subjects. The full study is available here:


The basic upshot was that the study was conducted with the strictest scientific standards in place. The study got a total of 23 obese men and 77 obese women. The participants were split into two groups - one taking Meratrim and one taking a placebo.

Those taking the Meratrim took 800mg split into two equal doses shortly before meals daily. The others were given a placebo. Each participant was put onto a calorie restricted diet and were expected to walk for half an hour daily.

The results were:

At the end of the study, those taking Meratrim did lose a lot more weight.

  • Their total loss was, on average, 7.7 pounds more than those taking the placebo.
  • They also lost about double the inches of those taking the placebo when waistlines were compared. This is an important health benefit as fat stored on the abdomen is extremely unhealthy.
  • The loss began after just a fortnight so it worked quickly.
  • BMI and hip measurements were better with the Meratrim lot and they tended to show higher levels of confidence and improved quality of life.
  • Some other health markers also improved by significant amounts.

Before you rush out and buy a box though, it is important to remember who paid for the study - that is, the company that has brought Meratrim to the market. That is not to say that the study was wrong but it should be kept in mind.

What to Expect and How to Take it

The study noted no serious side effects or reactions. It would appear that it is fairly safe.

It would be wise to take no more than the 800mg per day as the participants in the study did.

Also be absolutely sure that the you get the genuine article that is completely pure - there are no doubt going to be copycat drugs out there.

Is it Worth a Try?

It is a good idea to remember that two months is not a long-term solution. You will need to adjust your diet accordingly as well if you hope to maintain the weight loss. You cannot, after all, keep taking the supplement forever.

Like any other diet, make sure to incorporate healthy changes that can be maintained after the diet as well.

If it does work though, I'm all for it - it may be just the motivation needed to really help with your weight loss goals - sometimes the thrill of losing weight so quickly helps us stick it out longer.