Get The Most Out Of Your Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer should form such an integral part of your daily routine that it does not require much work. Simply remove some of the product from the container and apply it to your skin. However, this is not always the optimal way to use a moisturizer. Skin care products are expensive and if you are not taking some care, you will not be getting your full money's worth out of your products. In this article, we will be providing you with some valuable tips on how to get the most out of your expensive creams and products.


One of the most crucial parts to using your moisturizer correctly is the time you choose to apply it to your skin. The majority of skin care professionals agree that the best time to apply a moisturizing cream to your skin is approximately three minutes after you have gotten out of the bathtub or shower. After your skin has had a good soak in hot water your pores will be open and clear and your skin will be able to absorb the formula most effectively (1). Additionally, it helps to lock the moisture into your skin before it has a chance to evaporate.

However, you should always ensure that your skin is dry before applying any products. If your skin is still dripping with water the products will only slide off of your skin without providing your skin with any benefits. The correct way to apply moisturizer to your skin after a bath or shower is to pat your skin dry with a towel before spreading the product on your skin.

The best time to apply a moisturizer to your skin is approximately three minutes after you have taken a bath or a shower. At this time your skin is clean, your pores are open, and your skin will be able to absorb all of the crucial ingredients. Pat your skin dry and apply the product to your slightly damp skin. This way the moisturizer will be absorbed full and the hydrating effect will be sealed in.

How Much Moisturizer Should You Apply?

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When it comes to moisturizers you have to think like Goldilocks. You do not want to apply too much and you also do not want to apply too little to your skin. Using too much of a skin care product on your skin will mean that all of the product will not be fully absorbed into your skin. This is even more important if you plan on applying other products like sunscreen and makeup over your hydrating moisturizer. Not only is applying too much of your expensive product wasteful but it will also leave your skin feeling greasy and could lead to breakouts (2). Most skin care experts recommend using approximately one teaspoon of moisturizer.

However, there are a number of different factors that influence the amount of product you should be using. You should alter the amount of product you use depending on the consistency of the formula you are using as well as your skin type. Additionally, you can apply a little more of your product on the days that your skin feels slightly drier. You will also have to apply slightly more hydrating moisturizer to your skin during the winter months when the cold air will cause your skin to dry out even further (3).

When it comes to a hydrating moisturizer it is crucial that you use the right amount. Using too little will be ineffective and using large amounts of a product will cause your skin to become oily and lead to breakouts or acne. The optimal amount of moisturizer you want to use on a daily basis is around a teaspoon of nourishing cream. However, the amount of product you use should vary depending on your skin type as well as how your skin is feeling on that particular day. It is also a good idea to apply more of your favorite product during the winter months when your skin is more prone to becoming dry.

Pick The Right Formula

Buying a good quality moisturizer is an investment, therefore, you do not want to go out and buy the first product you see. All skin care products are not created equally and the formula will vary between products. The best hydrating moisturizer contains ingredients known as humectants, which help to reduce the loss of moisture in the skin (4). Additionally, you want to be looking for occlusive ingredients. Occlusive ingredients prevent the moisture from evaporating from your skin (5).

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If your skin is particularly oily you should still be applying a moisturizer every day. However, you should be looking for a product that has a gel base instead of a cream base. Moisturizers with a gel base are effective for individuals with an oily skin type because it helps to seal in moisture without making your skin more greasy. You also want to take extra care when choosing a moisturizer for sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive you want to look for a product that only contains a few natural ingredients and one that does not contain any artificial fragrance or colorants.

Choosing a moisturizer that suits your skin could make a significant difference in how effective your product is. Excellent moisturizers contain humectant and occlusive ingredients. Humectant ingredients help to reduce the amount of moisture your skin loses while occlusive ingredients help to prevent moisture from evaporating off of your skin. Particular care should be taken when choosing products for the oily or sensitive skin. If your skin is oily you want to opt for a product that is gel based to avoid adding extra grease to your skin. Moisturizers for sensitive skin should be as natural as possible.

Layer Strategically

You may be rather surprised to learn that only using a single hydrating product is not enough to keep your skin as radiant and healthy as possible. Instead, you want to be using a variety of different products on your skin, which can be layered for optimal effectivity. According to most estheticians, yours should start with the product with the lightest consistency first. That means you should begin your skincare routine with serums first. You should then follow the serum up with oils and then creams. Just remember that the last thing you should apply to your skin should always be sunscreen. If you apply sunscreen first your skin will not be able to absorb any of the other products as SPF is designed to block the absorption of your skin (6).

Using a variety of different products may be even more effective for keeping your skin nourished and hydrated. You should always start with the lightest consistency and then layer on your heavier products. However, you should always take care to apply your sunscreen last because SPF may interfere with your skin's ability to absorb the ingredients in your products.

Remember To Use Moisturizer On Your Neck

Most people will never think of applying moisturizer on their necks. However, your neck is often the first place on your body to show the signs of aging. When you are applying your favorite product to your face your should go beyond your jawline and lather your neck and chest with your hydrating moisturizer. Additionally, most skin care professionals will recommend that you also apply your skincare products to your hands and arms to protect your skin from harmful environmental factors (7). This will defend your skin from the effects of aging and keep you looking youthful for longer.

Apply your hydrating skin care products on your face as well as on your neck, chest, hands and arms to provide your skin with protection. This will help to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful.

Be Gentle

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If you are rubbing your skin care products into your skin with vigour you may be making a very big mistake. When you rub too hard you weaken your skin's ability to act as a barrier and it causes inflammation. Additionally, you may cause micro tears to appear in your epidermal cells. When you create these small lacerations your skin becomes vulnerable to infection from microorganisms like bacteria and fungal infections (8). Furthermore, it leads to sensitivity on your skin and redness. The best strategy to use when applying your moisturizer to your face is to apply a small amount of lotion to your ring fingers. Then you use your ring fingers to gently pat the product into your skin. This will ensure that the product is spread evenly over your skin without causing any damage.

Being too rough when you apply skincare products could cause a significant amount of damage to your skin. This could cause your skin to form micro tears, which put you at risk for developing infections caused by bacteria and fungus. Instead, you should apply a small amount of product to your ring fingers and pat the cream into your skin until it is fully absorbed.

Stop Using Your Day Cream At Night

If you have been using your day creams at bedtime you should stop immediately. There is a good reason why most skin care lines produce both day and night creams. Night serums contain a wide variety of nourishing ingredients like retinoids and peptides. These ingredients help to soothe your skin and repair any damage. During the night time your skin enters a stage of regeneration, thus, you want to use something more nourishing at night to facilitate this process. For this same reason, you should avoid using a night cream during the daytime as their intense hydrating formulas could leave your skin feeling greasy and cause your pores to become blocked.

It is recommended that you only use a day cream during the day and a night cream when you go to sleep. This is because both of these products consist of different formulas that serve a variety of different purposes. Day serums are lighter and will provide you with sun protection while night serums contain intense hydrating ingredients that help your skin to repair itself while you sleep. Additionally, using a night serum during the day could cause your skin to look greasy.

Hydration Instead Of Exfoliation

It is a natural reaction for most people to reach for a loofah or their favorite exfoliation product if they notice any dryness or flakes of dead skin. Although this may provide a temporary smoothing effect it could be causing more damage in the long run. A dry and flaky complexion is often the first sign that your skin is screaming out for hydration. When you exfoliate skin that is excessively dry you cause your skin cells to become disrupted, which causes inflammation. When your skin is inflamed it appears red and can often be quite painful. Choose a moisturizer that is rich in emollients this will help to even the texture of your skin while smoothing out all of your dry skin cells.

If your skin is dry and flaky you should resist the urge to exfoliate your skin. When you scrub dry skin you will cause it to become inflamed and painful. Instead, you should choose a hydrating moisturizer that is rich in emollients. These emollients will help your skin to appear smoother and well hydrated.

Pay Attention To Expiry Dates

Even if your favorite moisturizer for sensitive skin looks and smells fine after it has passed its expiry date it is still a good idea to throw out any expired products. Once a product expires it is no longer as effective. Additionally, certain ingredients may cause some damage to your skin after they have expired. If your product has expired you should toss it out and head to the store to treat yourself to a new bottle.

You should always avoid using any skin care products that have expired. Using expired products on your skin could lead to harmful side effects. Additionally, most of the ingredients will no longer work effectively. Toss out any products that have expired and replace them with a fresh, new bottle.
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