It is the belief of many that many leading mainstream health organizations are perpetuating outdated thinking with regard to nutrition, and that much of this is due to science that is highly suspect. While history proves that the truth eventually wins out, it is troubling that they continue to promote these myths that have been categorically debunked, repeatedly.

Obesity Isn't An Old Issue


Some of the world's leading killers - diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes -- are not only relatively new, but they are by and large brought on through behavioral choices. While they were around in the past, they never came close to reaching the epidemic status that they have today.

Some will suggest that the numbers surrounding these diseases are skewed because people are living longer, but that doesn't explain why many teenagers and younger adults are contracting them at alarming rates.

Others will say that the numbers are high because we save more lives now, or its because we eat too much and don't exercise enough. While these do have their place in the equation, a more believable culprit is the unhealthy foods we eat and their effect on our body's biochemistry.

Lifestyle Disease Can Be Prevented


If this is the case, then most of these diseases are preventable, and it is problematic that mainstream health organizations persist in keying in on the symptoms rather than a cure for these diseases. Studies have shown that not only can these diseases be prevented, but sometimes reversed through lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

These institutions have been peddling this nonsense about low-fat being better for over 40 years, yet the problems continue to become more serious in scope.

Since 2002, over 20 major controlled trials have pointed to low-carb as a more effective way to eat with regard to health, yet these diets continue to be demonized by these so-called "experts."

This means that the biggest need right now is a full paradigm shift in the way mainstream nutrition looks at low-carb diets. Until this happens, people will continue to be deceived, and more lives will be lost.

Eating A Healthy Diet

We may think that we are super healthy when it comes to the food we consume however, you may be shocked to discover that the majority of individuals actually fool themselves into believing that what they eat is adequate and healthy. It is a good idea to keep track of the foods you consume by keeping a food diary. Make sure to note down everything that crosses your lips and how many calories it contains. Most people would fall way short of what they perceive their diet to be versus the reality of what it truly is.

Another helpful way to stimulate weight loss is to consider nutritional health supplements. There are many natural slimming products out there that can help shift unwanted pounds such as forskolin, garcinia, green coffee, and conjugated linoleic acid. It is always good to do your research to make sure that what you are taking is going to get you good results. 

To Sum Everything Up 

We are what we eat and to lose weight, the simple calculation of eat less and move more never rings truer. Take tiny baby steps if losing weight is tough for you. It will take time o see results to be patient and kind to yourself until the hard work starts to pay, off. 

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Joel is a men’s health and wellness expert, well versed in the areas of bodybuilding and muscle gain. He is self-taught and trains daily. He lives what he preaches and loves to inspire others. He qualified, many years ago, as a paramedic but soon learned that was not the path he wanted to follow. That said, the qualities needed to be a paramedic have served him well in helping him understand the workings of the body and how to optimize it!

His personal drive and motivation to look and feel his best is what led him to train as a personal trainer and he qualified from the Australian College of Sport and Fitness, Melbourne where he was living at the time.

He is vegan, as his wife and children, and loves how such a diet makes him feel. Joel is well known in his local community in San Diego, regularly speaking at schools and other events about the importance of staying healthy and fit.

In his spare time, Joel participates in extreme sports from kite surfing to ice climbing.