Boost Your Health With The Power Of Moringa

Superfoods are trending in the health and fitness world because of the tremendous health benefits that they provide (1). By supplying essential nutrients and antioxidants to the body, superfoods can be an extremely beneficial supplementation to boost health.

In the following article, we have looked more closely at one of the most popular superfoods on the market today, Moringa, and its ability to promote health in users.

Moringa has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world (2) and has since become a household name for its numerous health promoting properties.

What Nutrients Does Moringa Provide?

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Before we can look into the benefits of Moringa (3), we need to understand what it is and what substances it contains. Moringa is a plant that can be easily and cheaply grown. When dried, this plant retains several useful vitamins and minerals that are extremely advantageous for overall health (4). Moringa provides an extremely long list of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fats and other beneficial substances when consumed. Each of the substances within these categories have varying health benefits. We have outlined a few of these substances (5) below:


  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc


  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6

Amino Acids

  • Glycine
  • Alanine
  • Choline
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Lysine


  • Linoleic
  • Oleic
  • Myristic
  • Palmitic
  • Stearic
  • Behenic
Moringa provides many beneficial nutrients that promote physical and mental health. Consumption of moringa provides minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fats which aid in various bodily functions and fight the damage of free radicals on the body.

How Are These Nutrients Beneficial?

Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, the supplementation of moringa can boost overall health (6). The aforementioned substances provided by moringa have major benefits. These benefits can be seen below:

Revitalising Hair And Skin

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The powerful antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent their harmful effects on the skin. This prevents symptoms of aging skin such as fine lines and wrinkles. Moringa is argued to aid in the substitution of protein in vegan-friendly diets (7) and it is the protein that helps protect skin cells. It has powerful hydrating and detoxifying properties that improve hair and nail health. Vitamin C and Amino Acids found in moringa are extremely effective in promoting stronger nails.

Regulating Blood Sugar

Moringa contains useful fibers and chlorogenic acid which help regulate blood sugar. When used in combination with a healthy diet, it can reduce the impact of sugar spikes after meals. This, combined with quality meals and ideal portion sizes, helps prolong the release of energy in the body which minimizes fatigue and lethargic symptoms associated with diet.

Protecting Internal Organs

Moringa contains several essential antioxidants that flush out and detoxify internal organs. The kidney, liver, and colon may be protected against disease and infection. Vitamin B improves digestion which boosts the health of the intestine and the antibiotic properties of moringa help fight the internal spread of bacteria (8).

Reducing Blood Pressure

The isothiocyanate and niaziminin found in moringa are known to have positive effects on blood pressure (9). These substances prevent the thickening of arteries. improving blood flow and reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

The substances found in moringa have significant health benefits such as revitalized hair and skin, regulated blood sugar, protected internal organs and reduced blood pressure. These are just a few of a long list of benefits.

Is There Any Risk Associated With Moringa?

While moringa has proven benefits that boost health, the consumption of this product is not void of risks. Risks may not be severe but should be noted prior to use. These potential risks include:

  • Moringa has natural laxative properties that can lead to side effects such as diarrhea and heartburn.
  • It can induce nausea as individual taste preference varies.
  • The roots, flowers and barks should be avoided as they can result in uterine contractions in pregnant women.
  • Breastfeeding women should avoid moringa as some of the substances found in it may not be good for babie.s
  • Seeds may cause toxicity in immune cells and should be avoided.
Users should be advised that using moringa is not completely free of risk. That being said, risks are largely dependent on individual tolerance and the specific product quality. The advantages of moringa as a health boosting supplement far outweigh the risks.

How To Choose The Right Moringa Product

If moringa supplementation is ideal for you then you will need an effective product to produce desired results. There are several factors that you will need to consider before making a purchase and these are outlined below:


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To ensure the quality of the product it is essential to assess its purity. Before making a purchase, you should take a look at the product's listed ingredients. Does the product contain 100% moringa? Does the product include any fillers or preservatives? Is the product ethically sourced? These are all questions to ask when considering the product's purity.

Investigate The Manufacturer

It is crucial that you do your research on the manufacturer of the product before a purchase, especially online, is made. Key things to look out for when investigating the manufacturer include:

  • If the product includes any discounts or bulk-buy deals. These will save you money on the long-term use of the product and may prove more affordable when compared to alternative products.
  • A money-back guarantee. These guarantees indicate the manufacturer's confidence in the efficacy of the product and give you security in the case of false claims being made.
  • While a money-back guarantee may be stated, it is crucial to look for more information on the manufacturer's return policy. This will stipulate the requirements for a refund and without this knowledge, you cannot be sure of whether or not the guarantee is truthful.
  • Secure and safe online shopping. Be careful of auto-ship programs as these are difficult to cancel.

Get A Second Opinion

Look up customer reviews of the product. Customers will provide insight into real stories of using the product that will give you peace of mind when making a purchase. Be wary of fake reviews, either positive or negative, and read them with an open mind. It is important to note that effects of moringa are largely dependent on the individual and therefore may vary.

When looking for an effective moringa supplement, it is important to keep a few factors in mind. These include the purity of the product, the reliability of the manufacturer and the efficacy as indicated by other customers. With this knowledge, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

In Conclusion

Moringa is known to have several health benefits. It is a trending dietary supplement that is used to aid in the regulation of organ function, reduce the risk of disease and fight damaging free radicals. Use of this product has minor risks that should be considered however, individual tolerance and reaction may vary. Finding the right moringa product is crucial to providing optimal results. Moringa can be used, as a dietary supplement, to effectively boost health.

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