I remember the first time I noticed stretch marks on my body. I was only 15 years old at the time, talking to a friend one day over the phone, inspecting my thighs for some reason when I saw thin pink streaks calling out, introducing themselves to me.


As far as I was concerned these “pink streaks” were foreign to me. They were aliens that did not belong on my body. At that time I had no clue what they were. Eventually, I found out about stretch marks and realised that my body had this new addition to it due to the fact that my highly athletic days of competing in athletic, acrobatic and dancing competitions were over and I had unfortunately gained a bit of weight - without even realizing it.

Stretch marks affect everybody. They affect male bodybuilders whose muscles have grown and stretched. They affect the most sought after supermodels strutting their stuff down catwalks in Victoria Secret lingerie. Stretch marks are just a reality of life. Everyone has them BUT something can be done to reduce their “wormlike” appearance.

Welcome, a great new product to the market, StretchRid by Approved Science. This amazing product is a fast and safe way to fade stretch marks.

What Exactly Is StretchRid?

  • StretchRid is a clinical strength, 2-step dual action stretch mark treatment which is scientifically formulated to fade the appearance of stretch marks.
  • StretchRid nourishes and moisturizes the skin to prevent future marks occurring.
  • StretchRid was developed by top medical doctors and produced in a top-quality, cGMP certified and FDA registered laboratory environment under the most rigorously professional conditions.

What Causes Stretchmarks?

According to MedlinePlus causes may include any of the following:

  • Cushing Syndrome
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Obesity
  • Overuse of cortisone skin creams

The Solution

Every once in a while comes a superb product. A product that surpasses all expectations. This product is StretchRid!

What You Need To Know About Approved Science’s StretchRid

  • StretchRid uses a scientifically formulated combination of the most effective and extensively researched ingredients known to combat stretch marks utilizing a 2-step dual action treatment.
  • Every ingredient was selected by a team of doctors and scientific researchers based on clinical data and designed to get results more effectively than any other stretch mark treatment available.
  • StretchRid Repair Gel works on the dermis by trapping in moisture promoting internal cell renewal and healing.
  • StretchRid Nourishing Cream provides total nourishment, boosting collagen levels and increasing skin elasticity.
  • By addressing the differing needs of the epidermis and the dermis, StretchRidis able to provide the ultimate solution for fading stretch marks, like no other.
  • This total stretch mark solution provides the 4 essential elements of success - Repair, Soothe, Rejuvenate and Boost, repairing, nourishing and feeding the skin in a way that ensures stretch marks are a thing of the past!

StretchRid’s 4 Step Solution

  • Repair - The medical grade silicone gel in StretchRid Repair Gel, works by creating a protective barrier over the stretch mark, trapping in moisture, assisting internal healing of the dermis.
  • Soothe - StretchRid Repair Gel provides a cooling & soothing effect, supplying essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to reduce the appearance of angry stretch marks and soothe the skin. Its anti-microbial qualities provide added wound-healing to reduce swelling and promote healing.
  • Rejuvenate - StretchRid Rejuvenating Cream penetrates the surface layer to provide essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, thus rejuvenating the skin cells and promoting renewal. Balances skin tone and smoothness, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Boost - Boost collagen levels to enhance elasticity and suppleness of the skin and promote skin cell renewal. Powerful antioxidants work to protect the skin and reduce existing skin damage.

Ingredients & Benefits

High-quality ingredients mean better results for you. Within Approved Science’s StretchRid Gel lie:

  • Dimethicone - A silicone based polymer that works as an anti-foaming agent, skin protectant & conditioner.
  • Cyclomethicone & Dimethiconol - Liquid silicone emollient that acts as an excellent skin conditioner & moisturizer.
  • Dimethicone Crosspolymer - Cyclomethicone & Dimethiconol is a blend of Cyclomethicone & Dimethiconol Silicone.

Within Approved Science’s StretchRid Cream lie:

  • Aloe Vera - Provides antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant functions to soothe and renew skin.
  • Jojoba Oil - Soothes, calms and moisturizes skin by providing antimicrobial wound healing qualities.
  • Safflower - Protects integrity of plasma membranes, trapping moisture into the skin.
  • Emu Oil - Pure transdermal oil providing deep skin tissue moisturizing to nourish and protect skin.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil - Powerful moisturizer and antioxidant to protect the skin from further damage, preventing future marks.
  • Allantoin - Provides structural support for skin cells and connective tissue s by increasing water content.
  • Onion Bulb Extract - Promotes scar healing and skin softness utilizing its anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Vitamin C + E - Regulates healthy collagen formation to improve skin hydration, tone & reduce redness.
  • Immortelle Extract - Contains diketones that stimulate new skin growth to heal and fade stretch marks.
  • Palmarosa - Moisturizes and regenerates skin sebum production to keep skin supple, health & rejuvenated.

Approved Science’s 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The company is so confident in this spectacular product that it offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee! With 60-days to decide whether this product actually works for you, you can feel confident within yourself to have a go and try it out for yourself.

Conclusion Of Our StretchRid Review

By now I’m sure you are daydreaming about how fantastic you will look when you hit the beach in summer with smooth looking, beautiful skin! With StretchRid’s dynamic solution your daydreams will turn into a reality! What are you waiting for?

Brought to you by our expert team at Authority Health.

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