What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen or enlarged bulging veins in or around the anus and rectum caused by extreme stretching under pressure. They are not considered life threatening, but can cause immense discomfort. They may be completely internal, or may swell outside of the anus, forming grape-like protrusions. If they are internal, they may not necessarily be painful but they might bleed. If they are external, they will typically itch and bleed.

More than half of men and women aged 50 years and older will develop symptoms in their lifetime. Hemorrhoids are most common among adults ages 45 to 65, occurring in both men and women. Although uncommon, children can also develop them.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the main factors that might cause increased pressure include:

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Sitting for long periods of time on the toilet
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Anal intercourse
  • Low-fiber diet

Whether you suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids, from pain, itching, burning or bleeding, symptoms need to be treated. If left untreated, they can lead to complications such as anemia due to the chronic blood loss, which can result in fatigue and weakness. Another complication resulting from an internal hemorrhoids is extreme pain and tissue death (gangrene). This is caused from a strangulated internal hemorrhoid which occurs when the blood supply is cut off.

So, how do you get rid of them?

Modern medicine has done its best to address the symptoms, with a wide range of prescription medication and surgical procedures available to help sufferers. However, along with these medications or interventions, there are many side effects that are often worse than the symptoms themselves.

More and more hemorrhoid sufferers are turning towards the natural alternatives instead of modern medicine due to the many side effects and complications and which at many times, may not even actually work.

We recommend, an effective all natural treatment, that is experiencing great success in the health industry, HemClear. We have chosen to review HemClear because it is of the highest quality and has a host of benefits. In addition, we were pleased with all the reported results from consumers who have used this product.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of this unique product that is successfully treating hemorrhoids in the most effective, safe, fastest way possible using all natural ingredients. We encourage you to read on.

1. HemClear Provides a Unique Dual-Action Formula

Provides an internal and external treatment - (capsules and cream) option.

Any hemorrhoid sufferer knows, that our bodies need different support for internal or external hemorrhoids. For internal hemorrhoids, we need capsules that have a synergistic blend of key ingredients that will target the roots of the problem from the inside-out. For external hemorrhoids, we need a soothing cream that will heal effectively the protruding enlarged veins and the affected damage skin.

The manufacturers of HemClear have formulated their product to reflect the different needs of hemorrhoid sufferers by offering a unique, doctor certified, dual-action HemClear Cream and HemClear Capsules products. Each contains exactly what it needs to support the body to ensure the optimal treatment, whether they are internal or external, bleeding, itching or painful for a complete effective total care solution.

Fast Stats: HemClear provides a unique, doctor certified, dual-action, cream and capsules for optimal total care support.

2. Contains Key Ingredients For Effective Treatment

HemClear contains 13 key ingredients for the capsules and 19 key ingredients for the cream in their unique formulas. HemClear has no added fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial or questionable ingredients.

The capsules formula includes ingredients such as:

The cream formula includes ingredients such as:

Fast Stats: All the ingredients are hand-picked based on clinical data and scientific studies.

3. HemClear Targets the Root of the Problem and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

HemClear is uniquely formulated to target internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as reduce the severity and extent of their associated symptoms.

In many cases, prescription drugs treat only the symptoms temporarily, effectively masking the underlying cause. Most other hemorrhoid treatments use synthetic topical ointments or cleansing agents that are ineffective in healing or soothing the external anus area and do not address internal hemorrhoids at all.

Real, effective, long term treatment needs to address both internal and external hemorrhoids effectively and thoroughly.

Fast Stats: Treat the root cause alongside the symptoms for optimal relief.

4. Contains Diosmin and Hesperidin: The Natural Tourniquet


HemClear contains diosmin and hesperidin, two key ingredients that are known as "The Natural Tourniquet" because in unison they can stop acute bleeding of internal hemorrhoids.

In a recently published study the effects of a flavonoid formulation in stopping acute bleeding of internal hemorrhoids and preventing relapse of the bleeding was assessed. The formulation, a mixture of diosmin and hesperidin is known generically as Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (MPFF) is used for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. MPFF had previously been shown in other studies to be effective in reducing the severity of bleeding from hemorrhoids 13 and in preventing future relapses.

Fast Stats: HemClear contains diosmin and hesperidin which can stop bleeding and prevent future relapses.

5. HemClear Relieves Many Physical Symptoms

HemClear contains the key anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic and antioxidant compounds to soothe and heal the affected areas internally and externally.

Symptoms such as itching, burning, peeling skin, inflammation and pain are addressed by restoring damaged tissue, healing fissures, rehydrating the skin, and by enhancing vascular flow.

Fast Stats: The range of benefits of HemClear means that hemorrhoids and associated symptoms are tackled at every level.

6. Money Back Guarantee

HemClear offers a great 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product (quality, performance, etc.), you may return all of the containers you ordered (both used and unused) for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling costs).This is a convenient opportunity for consumers to try out the product totally risk free. No need to feel cheated or scammed.

Fast Stats: HemClear offers an excellent money back guarantee totally risk free for an incredible 60 day period.

7. Doctor Formulated and Researched


HemClear is doctor-formulated and its formula is based on extensive clinical research. It is manufactured in the United States.

HemClear contains a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients with precise dosage information. Everything is disclosed on its label. HemClear is efficient and safe to consumer, unlike many other unreliable competitors.

Fast Stats: Supported by clinical research and doctor-formulated, HemClear is effective and safe to consume.

8. Excellent Multi-Purchase Price Options

HemClear provides an excellent range of options for bulk buying and getting huge discounts. Consumers can save up to $280 that's 67%, when purchasing the 'Best Value Package' option (six bottles). For long term hemorrhoid relief, this is affordable and is a good cost effective option. Additionally, consumers can "mix and match" between the capsules and creams in order to create their own customized package. On average, HemClear is much less expensive than the conventional prescription medications that can be both addictive and cause some severe side effects.

Fast Stats: Bulk buying can save you big, especially when dealing with long term relief.

9. HemClear Aids Prevention


HemClear provides a total-care solution to relieve itching, burning, inflammation, damaged skin and pain by addressing symptoms whilst also optimizing increased blood flow which boosts vascular health to aid prevention of hemorrhoids.

The rich nutrient content of HemClear means it may provide many other health benefits, such as improved energy, mood and immune function and may also help supplement critical vitamins that may promote faster healing times, overall skin health and may protect against various health problems.

Fast Stats: HemClear provides a total-care solution by relieving symptoms and preventing future flare-ups.

10. Third Party Tested, FDA and cGMP Approved

HemClear puts research and quality assurance at the top of its list. Not only is HemClear Third Party tested for purity, it is manufactured in the USA in an FDA recognized, and cGMP approved facility.

Fast Stats: HemClear meets and exceeds the strictest manufacturing guidelines and provides high quality assurance.

Synopsis of Our HemClear Review


Getting rid of hemorrhoids can be painful and time consuming but with HemClear the process is much easier and faster! HemClear provides quick and soothing relief more effectively than any other natural support supplement available and is conveniently available online enabling easy ordering.

We hope our HemClear review has given you an insight for what to look out for in a good hemorrhoid treatment that is easily available online.

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