Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA, is the good fatty acid that occurs naturally in meat and dairy products. As a dietary supplement, CLA is derived from safflower seeds. In both cases, CLA is a form of slightly altered linoleic acid belonging to the omega-3 group of nutrients. CLA comes in different concentrations. In one article we found, the author tells people to check for products containing 80% CLA for maximum weight-loss results. CLA Premium has 85%, meaning that you get more from this product than any other CLA-based product.

What Is CLA Premium?

CLA Premium is a top-quality fat burning supplement on the market. It contains 85% CLA derived from safflower oil. The manufacturer packs it in a softgel capsule to increase its bio-availability. For every bottle you buy, you get 60 capsules which are a month's supply. CLA Premium contains 100% CLA. It has no added additives, fillers, binders, or preservatives. 

Daily Serving


For maximum health benefits, CLA Premium recommends a dosage of 2,000 mg a day. Take one 1,000 mg capsule in the morning and the other 1,000 mg in the evening. For maximum gain, take before meals.  2,000 mg is the effective dosage of CLA that will not adversely affect your body.

A serving of less than that will not work, and more will harm you.

How Does CLA Work?

CLA reduces fat mass by increasing basal metabolic rates.  During lipolysis, fat is broken down to release energy. CLA is the healthy trans-fat that is believed to lower the melting point of fat. By doing so, CLA speeds up fat burning mechanisms. Some scientists also believe that CLA blocks fat cells from synthesizing new fat. It prevents them from growing bigger or fuller by influencing enzymes that form fat. In some studies, researchers discovered that in actual sense, CLA decreases body fat mass and not necessarily weight. By keeping a fat cell small, CLA reduces the fat-to-muscle ratio. In other studies, CLA reduced body fat in obese people while preserving muscle tissue. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 3 in every 4 adult Americans are either overweight or obese. So if you are in this category, CLA could do wonders for you. What will CLA Premium give you?

  • Total Care Solution For Your Health

CLA is your complete care solution. Apart from helping your body lose weight, CLA makes sure that no more fat is produced. As noted earlier, CLA keeps your fat cells small so that they do not bulge to increase your body fat mass. It increases your metabolic processes, meaning fat breakdown happens much faster. Apart from emphasizing on a small waist line, CLA has other body benefits. In recent years, scientists have discovered that CLA may have an impact on diseases such as reducing breast, colon, and prostate cancers in individuals taking it. CLA is also linked to an improved cardiovascular system, decreased cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and allergies. It also increases muscle build up and exercise endurance. 

  • CLA Premium is of Premium Quality

CLA premium manufactures the softgel capsules in a cGMP-certified facility. The company also complies with the stringent rules and regulations stipulated by the US Pharmacopoeia concerning quality and safety. All the ingredients used are safe for human consumption. A team of specialists oversees the whole manufacturing process as per the standards of GMP. Each time you purchase a CLA Premium container, know that you bought a mark of quality. 

  • Transparent Website

CLA Premium does not hide behind colorful websites and unsubstantiated product claims. All their products are available online with a clear description of how the product works, the clinical study used to formulate it, pricing options, mode of action of the product, and any other information you might need concerning CLA Premium. You do not have to guess what ingredients are in each capsule. CLA Premium provides all the components on the product label. The manufacturer has excellent customer care services that will answer any question you might have.

  • The Best Deals

Unlike most manufacturers that want to benefit from you, CLA Premium does not take advantage of you. CLA Premium is intended to give you the best results at a reasonable price. That is why all their prices are available online during your purchase.

  • No Auto-Shipping Program

Today, companies put in an auto-ship service. By the time you realize that their product is ineffective and fake, your next supply is en-route. Worse is that your credit card is billed without your authorization. You end up spending a lot of money on a fake product, and more still is on the way. CLA Premium will never put you on auto delivery program nor bill your credit card without your permission. CLA Premium is a trustable supplier.

  • Price

To make sure that you reach your fat burning goals, CLA Premium offers you many added value pricing options. Each of the different packages offers incredible savings making your shopping experience feel like a homecoming event. Here are the packages:

  • Their top seller is a six-month supply and costs you just $138, saving you $270.
  • The moderate package, a four-month supply sells at $112, saving you $160.
  • There is a beginner's package which is a three-month supply retailing at $96, saving you $114.
  • You can also try out a CLA Premium sampler bottle that will cost you $48.
  • Guarantee

Today, it is hard to find a manufacturer willing to back up their product with a consumer satisfaction guarantee. But that is not the case with CLA Premium. The manufacturer of CLA Premium knows that this product will work for you. The manufacturer gives you 90 days to try the CLA Premium fat-burning supplement. If you are unsatisfied with what the supplement offers, you can return your order for a refund. If you had taken advantage of the incredible discounts and ordered in bulk, no worries, the manufacturer accepts returns of all opened and unopened containers. All you have to do is call their excellent customer care services, or email them to get an RMA number. After which you can send the order back and wait for a complete reimbursement excluding shipping fees and handling costs.

Our Summary of Our CLA Premium Review

Now that you know the benefits waiting in every CLA Premium capsule, we hope that you are willing to give this supplement a shot. CLA Premium is one of the best CLA products that we have found on the market. It has one of the highest CLA concentrations (85%). The product can easily be purchased online from the CLA Premium website. Every package has a discount attached to it. Additionally, this dietary supplement helps you lose fat in the healthiest way possible. It also confers other health benefits for your body.

We hope that this review has provided you with enough insight that you need to make a buying decision.

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