Carrying excess weight is a common problem, one almost as many causes as there are overweight people. And no solution works easily. Below we examine some of the forces behind the obesity epidemic and review Saffron Premium, one possible answer.

1. Problems and Causes of Obesity

Excess body weight is a common problem in the United States today. Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and half of those are categorized as obese. Carrying extra weight can make life less pleasurable and everyday activities more difficult. Unfortunately, it is also linked to a number of chronic and possibly deadly diseases. These include (1):

  • Type II diabetes
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (AKA cirrhosis)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Some types of cancer: breast, colon, endometrial (related to the uterine lining) and kidney

These conditions can destroy quality of life and may even be fatal. Losing weight and getting in shape are among the best defenses against them but weight loss is notoriously difficult. Ironically, the very society that presents us with an unceasing and unrealistic ideal of youth and beauty is to blame for much of this trouble. The reasons for this include the following:

  • Constant Temptation - Images of food bombard us. Fast food restaurants are everywhere. Advertisements depict abundant meals both in restaurants and at home. Huge, home-cooked meals are often associated with an expression of love and a feeling of family and comfort. But the consequences of a prolonged, overly-rich diet are never shown.
  • Technology - Technology has made life easier, or at least less physically demanding. Unfortunately, this translates into fewer calories burned in the course of a normal day. To make matters worse, electronic innovation has increased workload, elevating stress and reducing both the time and desire for physical activity.
  • Big Meals - Food portions have increased dramatically over the last few decades. Many restaurants regularly serve meals that account for more than half the total caloric requirements for an entire day. This trend is evident even at home where abundant food is associated with a happy, loving and successful family.
  • Sugar - Sugar is everywhere and not just in candy or other sweets. Humans love it and it sells. Therefore manufacturers add it to processed foods such as prepared meats, canned soups, bread and crackers. Sodas and other soft drinks carry a heavy load as well. Since beverages normally accompany a meal they add a load of calories with little or no nutritional benefit.

2. Saffron: A Solution?

Most people know that regular exercise and a moderate diet are keys to maintaining good health. But these things are not always possible. Stress, time constraints, and other factors combine to make finding time to exercise and prepare healthful meals difficult. Many people turn to supplements for help. Unfortunately, all too many of these are useless, or even dangerous.Many contain high levels of stimulants that have a long list of potential side effects. Others, such as saffron extract are both safe and effective.


Saffron is perhaps the world's most precious spice. The stigma (that little stock that sticks up inside the crown of petals in many flowers) of the saffron crocus, imparts a lovely flavor and bright yellow color to foods such as rice, bread and sauces.

Its long history of health benefits includes uses as an antidepressant and digestive aid (2).

Saffron extract is the most potent way to obtain these benefits. Saffron extract has been shown to significantly suppress appetite. This makes it easier to stop eating when full, thus limiting caloric intake. It is thought to do this by increasing the production of serotonin, a direct reflection of its traditional use as an antidepressant. There are many saffron extract products on the market. Saffron Premium is one that has caught our attention.

3. Saffron Premium: The Lone Active Ingredient and Dosage


Aside from the vegetable cellulose capsule, Saffron Premium contains only one ingredient, pure saffron extract. This means there are no added colorants, fillers or flavorings. We have confidence in the safety and potency of Saffron Premium because it is made in the United States in an FDA registered, cGMP certified facility. In addition, the ingredient meets the standards set out by the US Pharmacopeia.

Saffron Premium directs consumers to take one capsule, twice daily. This provides 400mg of saffron extract, the exact the level recommended by recent studies. A lesser amount could prove ineffective and a greater dangerous.

4. Saffron Premium: Price and Purchasing

Saffron Premium is available only through its secure website. Because maintaining proper weight and good health are long-term goals, Saffron Premium offers several buying options. Consumers trying it for the first time may purchase one bottle, while those already convinced of its efficacy can buy in bulk, which triggers significant discounts.

One bottle, a month's supply, costs $49.95, while you can buy three together for $89.95. The largest discount is for the six-bottle package at $137.88, a saving of more than $27.00 per bottle. Saffron Premium accepts major credit cards as well as payment through Amazon and PayPal. They ship through the United States Post Office for regular delivery and FedEx or UPS for rush shipment.

5. Saffron Premium: Guarantee


Any business confident in its product will provide a good guarantee. Saffron Premium offers an excellent example of this. Customers have 90 days after purchase to try the supplement. Displeased customers may return it with no questions asked and this offer applies to both opened and unopened bottles. Opened bottles have no value to the manufacturer as they cannot be restocked. Accepting them means Saffron Premium puts the customer first and removes all financial risk when trying Saffron Premium.

6. Summary of our Saffron Premium Review

Products purporting to help a user lose weight and get fit swamp the market. Many of them don't work and some may be dangerous. Saffron Premium is different. It has one active ingredient, pure saffron extract and contains no fillers, colorants or flavorings. The vegetable cellulose capsule makes it available to vegetarians, vegans, or those with dietary restrictions. The online ordering process is both safe and simple. Bulk discounts offer great savings for those willing to commit to the long-term goal of better health. Finally, the excellent guarantee displays the manufacturer's confidence in the product while removing all financial risk for the consumer. We recommend this product.

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Barrett is a clinical pharmacologist who studied at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas. He currently works in a chemistry laboratory in Columbia University (where he also lecturers occasionally) investigating how pharmaceuticals interact with our biological systems. He specializes in and is passionate about how medication used for treating ADD and ADHD may impact long-term cognitive abilities. He has written many papers and is often consulted in a number of lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies.

He follows a strict diet loosely based on the Keto principles and enjoys the science and chemistry behind food and preparing meals. He is an avid cyclist and cross country runner. His aspirations include only to be the best at what he does, whatever that may be.