Press Forskolin for Weight Loss

Press Forskolin is a weight loss supplement that supplies forskolin extract to the body. The manufacturer states that it provides additional benefits. However, they do not produce alternative health supplements for best results. The best brands on the market offer a variety of supplements for total vitality and well-being. The fact that Press Forskolin only offers a single product may indicate that they are not entirely dedicated to supporting health. If you wish to get the most value for your money then you may want to consider choosing from a leading health supplement company. That said, we will focus on Press Forskolin and whether it can deliver on manufacturer claims in the following review.

What Is Press Forskolin?

Press Forskolin is a health supplement that provides forskolin extract to the body. As a result, its purpose is to stimulate weight loss. The manufacturer states that it will suppress the appetite, boost metabolism and increase energy levels. Consequently, it should prevent major contributors to weight gain. It should improve overall well-being and workout performance. The manufacturer argues that their natural formula is safe and efficient. They attribute these claims to the supposed purity and quality of the formula.

However, there are many manufacturers who make bold claims about their products. There are very few shark tank forskolin pills that actually work. Choosing the right one can be a costly and tiring endeavor. Can Press Forskolin actually deliver on the manufacturer's claims? Is it one of the best forskolin products on the market? Are there any positive forskolin reviews to justify the purchase of it? How does it compare to the best forskolin products on the market? Is it really worth it? In the following review, we will provide the answers to these questions. We will do this by analyzing the most important product traits of Press Forskolin. Consequently, we will help you purchase the most effective supplement.

Ingredients and Dosage Details of Press Forskolin

Research suggests that Press Forskolin contains a number of beneficial ingredients. In fact, the manufacturer claims to include 23 essential vitamins and minerals. They fail to provide the full ingredient list but do outline the ingredients below as main active components. We will discuss each one in detail.


Forskolin is, supposedly, the main active ingredient. Forskolin is a derivative of the coleus forskohlii plant - a member of the mint family. For centuries, Coleus forskohlii has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Many believed that it supported cardiovascular health and reduced inflammation. However, recent studies suggest that it can counter weight gain. If you wish to learn more about these studies, click here. These studies and positive forskolin reviews have contributed to its popularity as a weight loss supplement today. But, how does it actually work? The main benefit of forskolin is that it raises the body's levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Increased levels of cAMP encourage the release of fatty acids from the fat cells. This causes the body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose. Furthermore, it also raises the body's levels of lipase. Lipase is an important enzyme which breaks down fat. As a result, it can support weight loss. However, one needs to consume it alongside a healthy lifestyle as it does not account for a calorie deficit.

Whey Protein

Whey protein contains many important vitamins and minerals. The supplementation of these nutrients prevents nutritional deficiencies that can lead to health problems. Whey protein is also a source of fuel for energy. Furthermore, it builds lean muscle mass.


Soya is a healthy meat substitute that contains high contents of protein. Its known benefits include improving digestive health, increasing energy levels, and preventing weight gain from excessive calorie intake.

The fact that the manufacturer does not clearly outline the ingredient list is concerning. This means that we cannot accurately assess whether or not it contains any harmful substances. The manufacturer does assure the consumer that there are no preservatives, fillers, binders or additives. However, this should not be completely relied on as the manufacturer is not transparent about their formula.

There are a few other concerns regarding Press Forskolin's formula. The manufacturer does not clearly outline the concentration of forskolin or the dosage per serving. Why is this such a major concern? Well, forskolin reviews suggest that the required dosage for optimal results is 500 mg per day. There is no way of knowing whether or not this formula will prove ineffective or excessive. Furthermore, the best products contain 25% forskolin extract. These should deliver superior results and we cannot be certain as to whether or not Press Forskolin can live up to these benchmarks.

Beyond the formula, it is extremely concerning to note that the manufacturer does not adhere to cGMP guidelines. These certifications are awarded to brands that following quality and pure manufacturing processes. The lack of one brings the formula into question. Furthermore, the manufacturer does not appear to be FDA approved or comply with US Pharmacopeia measures of quality and purity. This does not justify the claims that their formula is natural and pure. This brings its efficacy into question.

Does Press Forskolin Cause Side Effects?

The manufacturer states that the only side effects will be positive. They do not warn of any potential negative side effects. This claim is made in response to the fact that the formula is pure and natural. That said, there is no way of knowing for certain that the formula is pure. After all, they do not comply with quality and purity guidelines. Furthermore, inferior shark tank forskolin products have been known to cause a few minor adverse side effects. The main impact that they may have is lowering the blood pressure, elevating the heart rate, and interacting with other medication. The best brands on the market provide safety warnings to minimize the risk of side effects. They suggest that individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or taking other medication should consult a health practitioner prior to use. The omission of these warnings by Press Forskolin is somewhat concerning.

How Much Does Press Forskolin Cost?

The manufacturer does not stock this product with any third-party sites. Therefore, you will only be able to utilize their store for the best deals and packages. However, they do not seem to supply the product purchase page. The links to their product direct consumers to an entirely different product page. This is extremely concerning and is indicative of scam behavior. Furthermore, the price is not given on their website. As a result, we cannot accurately determine whether or not this product is affordable. The best brands on the market offer various discounts and deals to ensure that long-term use is not costly. The failure to include any of these does not bode well for the quality of Press Forskolin. Whatsmore, the manufacturer does not offer any guarantees for purchase. This means that you will not be able to apply for a refund if the product does not work. This highlights the manufacturer's lack of confidence in the efficacy of the product.

How Does Press Forskolin Stand Against Other Forskolin Supplements?

In comparison to many other forskolin products, Press Forskolin does not seem like a reliable choice. The manufacturer is extremely unclear with regards to the formula, dosage, and concentration. As a result, it is unlikely to deliver results on par with many competitor products. Furthermore, the lack of customer support and manufacturer guarantee do not align with the market standards. The failure to provide a reliable purchase page means that we cannot assess its affordability or long-term sustainability. The omission of quality certifications brings the effectiveness into question.

Customer Reviews for Press Forskolin

Despite extensive research, we were unable to find many reviews for this product. The reviews presented by the manufacturer seem to have been screened. Therefore, this is not an accurate representation of its quality. The lack of sufficient reviews suggests that it may not be a popular product. This does not bode well for efficacy. There are many superior products on the market that are supported by a majority of positive forskolin reviews. These customer testimonials give consumers confidence in the products ability to deliver on manufacturer claims.

Bottom Line: Is Press Forskolin The Right Product For You?

When first viewing Press Forskolin, it seems like an ideal forskolin product on the market. It contains the main ingredient as well as additional ingredients for better results. Consequently, it may help deliver the weight loss benefits the manufacturer claims it will. That said, there are many disadvantages. Firstly, the formula information is not clear. This means that the manufacturer could be hiding harmful substances from consumers. Furthermore, the lack of dosage details and ingredient concentration bring its quality into question. The omission of certifications does not instill much confidence. The lack of reviews, manufacturer guarantee, and purchase options means that we cannot recommend this forskolin weight loss supplement. For these reasons, we highly recommend searching for a more proven and reliable product from a trustworthy manufacturer.

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