We've all been through it. That sinking feeling when you step on the scales and close your eyes, dreading the number that will only confirm what the mirror and the ever-tightening waistband have been indicating for a while. It's not that you haven't tried. You've switched to whole grain, cut down on sugar in your coffee, and taken to the stairs instead of the elevator. There's even that gym membership you try to make use of when you're not too tired from your hectic work schedule. Although, come to think of it, when was the last time you weren't too tired?

Face it. It's not easy trying to adjust your diet and fit in exercise when life is so busy, and the weight seems to pile on faster than you can say diet plan.

You're not alone. The fact is that our diet and lifestyle ain't what it used to be, and more and more people are finding themselves overweight. Whether it's an increase in high-fat, animal-based foods, compared to the healthier, plant-based diets of not so long ago, or the sedentary way of life brought about by increased technology, we have become less active and our eating habits less healthy.

Even those who do manage to go all the way with dieting are not necessarily better off. Dieters often become so concerned with calorie counting that they ignore hunger and get out of sync with the natural messages their bodies are sending them. Avoiding certain foods often has the rebound effect of increased craving, and perceiving food in a negative light can cause dieters to feel unnecessary and unhealthy guilt whenever they do eat. Crash dieting puts strain on the heart and if done repeatedly, can increase the risk of a heart attack.


With more than two-thirds of American adults overweight or obese, diet pills and supplements have become increasingly popular, mainly due to their ability to kick-start and speed up the weight-loss process. However, prescription weight-loss supplements often have uncomfortable side effects such as abdominal cramps, flatulence, oily stools, and difficulty in controlling bowel movements, and can be composed of many ingredients, to the point that you no longer know what you're putting inside you, and for what purpose. Further concerns about diet pills include the risk of becoming emotionally or physically dependent on them and the risk of health complications such as stroke, heart attack, raised blood pressure and heart failure.

So diet and exercise are difficult and time-consuming, crash diets are dangerous, and the safety of conventional diet pills is somewhat dubious. What's the answer?

Green coffee beans are raw, unroasted coffee beans, and, while they do contain some caffeine, the main active compound is chlorogenic acid. Green coffee bean extract has become popular worldwide for its abilities to aid weight loss. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to lower the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, and to actually reduce body weight, decrease fat absorbed from the diet, reduce fat stored in the liver, and improve the function of the fat burning hormone, adiponectin.

In an important study from 2012, involving thirty overweight participants who did not make any changes in terms of diet or exercise during a twelve week period. Those given green coffee bean extract (versus a placebo) were shown to lose an average of 17.5 pounds each, while the control group lost an average of only 3.7 pounds each.


Green coffee bean extract is therefore the ideal solution for people who are looking to lose weight without having to make unrealistic and unmanageable changes in their diet and exercise routine. While other weight loss supplements have long lists of potential side effects, the green coffee bean has had very few safety concerns reported and is even linked to other potential health benefits in addition to weight loss.

However, knowing that green coffee bean extract is a viable solution to your weight loss dilemma is only the first step.

How are you to choose from the plethora of products available, and know that you're getting the best? There are many factors to consider, and sifting through them can be a daunting process, so we took the time to review the many available products to see which one hits the mark in terms of effectiveness, affordability, purity, and safety, enabling you to make an informed decision, minus the legwork.

Our conclusion? Research Verified Green Coffee came out top on all accounts. We've compiled a list of the top ten reasons explaining why we think Research Verified Green Coffee is the green coffee bean extract of choice that will get you to the reflection in the mirror that you've been dreaming of!

Our Top Ten Reasons Why Research Verified Green Coffee is the #1 Choice

1. Research Verified Green Coffee Contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient in green coffee that will get you the results you've been looking for. For optimal results, doctors and nutritionists recommend that your green coffee supplement contains at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid. Because Research Verified Green Coffee contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid, it provides the perfect conditions for strengthening the liver and increasing the burning of fat. With Research Verified Green Coffee, you know you're getting the most potent green coffee supplement that will provide you with the most effective results.

2. Research Verified Green Coffee is Affordable

Research Verified Green Coffee has a range of great prices, and has fantastic deals on bulk purchases. To enable you to get the full long-term benefit of the product, for optimum weight loss, Research Verified Green Coffee even offers an unmatchable Buy three bottles, get three bottles free which saves you a whopping $270 off the full retail price.

3. Research Verified Green Coffee is 100% Pure


Research Verified Green Coffee contains no extra fillers, binders, preservatives, or additives so you know exactly what you are getting, with no hidden extras. It contains 100% green coffee, with 50% chlorogenic acid, which is exactly the same composition as the 2012 study that demonstrated such successful weight loss results.

It also comes in a vegetarian capsule rather than a gelatin capsule, which is great news for vegans and vegetarians.

4. Research Verified Green Coffee is FDA Approved and cGMP Certified

Since green coffee beans have become popular, the Federal Trade Commission has sued at least one company for making unrealistic claims about weight loss. Companies don't even have to be approved by the FDA before going on the market. Why risk your money, time, and even health trying out products from companies who just want to jump on the green coffee bandwagon, and make money out of inferior products? Research Verified Green Coffee has been manufactured in an FDA registered lab and is cGMP certified. It has been subjected to third-party testing to ensure quality, effectiveness, and safety.

5. Research Verified Green Coffee's Policy is Transparency

Would you believe that some products omit simple information such as dosage instructions, ingredient lists and contact information from their websites? Research Verified Green Coffee tells you all you need to know on their website, and invites you to contact them with any further questions or comments. You can see the actual product label on their website, their FDA certification, and comprehensive information about everything to do with the product, dosage, research and more. With Research Verified Green Coffee, rest assured that you are welcome to see everything there is to know, and ask further questions if the need arises. They are nothing but transparent.

6. Research Verified Green Coffee Comes With a Guarantee


If you're not completely satisfied with the results of Research Verified Green Coffee within 360 days of purchase, you can have a full refund. While other companies only allow you to return unopened bottles, and only give you 30 days in which to do so, with Research Verified Green Coffee, you can relax knowing that you can return both opened and unopened bottles, and that you have 360 days to do so. But in essence, the reason why Research Verified Green Coffee comes with such a generous guarantee, is because they are so confident that you won't need to use it!

7. Research Verified Green Coffee - Discreet Delivery

Losing weight is a personal challenge, and it's nobody else's business how you choose to deal with it. Research Verified Green Coffee supports this sensitivity by shipping their products in plain, discreet packaging.

8. Research Verified Green Coffee - Positive For Other Health Issues

Research Verified Green Coffee can benefit not just your weight, but other aspects of your general health too! Green coffee has been shown to decrease hypertension, and impact on how our bodies process carbohydrates, with positive implications for those with diabetes. Additionally, the optimal level of chlorogenic acid in Research Verified Green Coffee acts as an antioxidant, and can facilitate heart health because of its positive effect on blood vessels.

9. Research Verified Green Coffee Provides a Serving of 1600mg Per Day


The recommended dosage of green coffee extract is 1600mg per day, and Research Verified Green Coffee provides this through two 800 mg capsules, twice a day. You don't need to plan your day around inconvenient numbers of doses spread throughout the day, as with other products, and you don't need to feel under pressure to constantly ask yourself if you've remembered to take it. It's just twice a day, one capsule each time, and you know you're getting the optimum dose.

10. Research Verified Green Coffee - No Tricks

Everyone's heard of companies that offer free trials, or auto ship programs, that take your credit card details, and have no qualms about continuing to charge you or send you products, long after the offer ends, or you've decided you don't want to continue. Research Verified Green Coffee does not do this. They only give you exactly what you've asked for, and paid for, and are not out to trick anyone.

Research Verified Green Coffee Review - Summary

All in all, this is a great product that we can stand behind, confident in the knowledge that you will get the results that you are looking for. If you would like to get more information about the manufacturer, you can visit their website here.











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