Who Are Research Verified?

Research Verified is a United States based company that sells dietary and health supplements and calls itself the “Industry Leading Company for Dietary and Health Supplements.“ We will take a look today at the products that Research Verified sells, some of the company policies vis-a-vis its consumers, how it's been reviewed by users and ultimately, whether it lives it up to its billing as the industry leading company for dietary and health supplements. Given the number of companies that produce dietary supplements, it is certainly a high bar to hit, but we encourage you to read ahead and find out more!

Research Verified offers dozens of products from treatments for varicose veins to scar repair gel to an ointment to get rid of ringworm to green coffee bean extract. All of the supplements they sell are one hundred percent pure and natural with no added fillers and are produced in the United States. This is the first Research Verified aspect that would make someone potentially realize that Research Verified is not exactly like its competition. A huge number of companies produce their supplements in countries where labor is cheaper like China, India, or the Philippines, and the fact that every single Research Verified supplement is made in the United States is phenomenally unique. Similarly, many companies use some sort of additive or filler in their supplements to make the manufacturing process cheaper. Research Verified breaks the mold in that scenario as well, and both of these things are good signs for the company and how it is run.

Verified and Certified

But of course, don't just take our word for it. Research Verified is certified by both the FDA and cGMP (good manufacturing practices), two of the largest organizations that certify the safety and reliability of health supplement makers in the United States. You have to go through hours of paperwork and inspections to be certified by these two groups, so it's a big deal that Research Verified has their go ahead.

On top of that, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 365-day guarantee, which is unheard of in the field. Most companies offer 30 days or 60 days to return your supplements if you are not pleased with them, but Research Verified will accept them back for a whole year without any questions asked. There is no other maker in the market that supplies users with such a generous return policy - Research Verified is extremely unique in that respect.

In addition to that, the Research Verified website is secure and certified by BuySAFE, which ensures that you do not have anything to worry about when it comes to entering your credit card details to purchase products. However, if you are more comfortable using a third-party website like Paypal to do your online shopping, that is also an option. Another nice aspect about Research Verified is that they do not force customers to enroll in an auto-renew process, which many companies do. Auto-renew ships new bottles to the consumer automatically and then bills them for it. Research Verified only sends you their supplements when you have ordered them! This is yet another sign that Research Verified is an honest and straightforward company.

External Validification

Up to now, we've only looked at information about Research Verified that's provided on their website. Of course, it's important to have a professional website, but in reality, any company could write anything they want about their product on their website. The only surefire way to see if a product is effective is to read the reviews left by customers.

One needs only to look to one of the many online marketplaces where Research Verified products are sold to find stellar reviews. For example, Amazon is a retailer that sells plenty of the products that Research Verified produces. There are hundreds of reviews for the products, and you can rest assured that the reviews are legitimate - you have to purchase the product you are reviewing to leave a review for it. Because of this guideline, you know that people are leaving only honest and straightforward reviews for the products.

What Are People Saying About Research Verified?

So what exactly do these Research Verified reviews have to say about the company? Let's take a look at a random one of Research Verified's products - it's 100 percent natural Turmeric Curcumin supplement. It comes in a 60 capsule bottle and is sold for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relief and antidepressant properties. It has been reviewed by 26 different customers and when those reviews are averaged out, the turmeric supplement is awarded an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. One user said, “I'm no spring chicken anymore and I have started to feel the effects of aging in my joints. I'd been hearing so much about turmeric and the benefits. I started taking Research Verified Turmeric supplement and within just a couple of weeks I am feeling a difference in the amount of inflammation in my joints after a hard game of Netball.“ This review was left by a user only earlier this month and looks to be the most recent review left for the product.

Another user, notes that they had “only known turmeric as a spice until I stumbled across Research Verified's Turmeric Curcumin capsules. With some more research, I found that Turmeric serves as an anti-inflammatory to help alleviate pain. I had been having some arthritis pain from my recent injury and decided to take this product as a food supplement. After 2 weeks of daily intake, I found that it gave some pain relief and my knees haven't bothered me lately at night. It also doesn't have any side effects for me and I feel quite energetic lately in the mornings too.“ This Research Verified review also was left during July and is one of the more recent things that people had to say about the product.

But it's not only Research Verified's turmeric supplement that is garnering rave reviews from the people who buy it. Their Omega-3 supplement which is sold in a 1 month supply, has received 54 customer reviews with an average review of 4 stars out of 5.

Research Verified's Customer Support Is Top Quality

Another aspect that we discovered in our review that sets Research Verified apart from the competition is its top-notch customer service support team that is happy to help with any problems or questions that you might have. Their customer service is readily available both online and over the phone. They're available and friendly, intelligent about the products they sell, and prompt. It's a perfect combination that will keep their customers happy and coming back for more.

One user went so far as to give it five stars and call it the “best product I've ever used.“ He said,“I had very high blood pressure and try several things to reduce it, however, nothing could help me keep blood pressure down. That my Sister recommended that I try Research Verified 100% Pure Premium Omega-3 fish oil to help keep blood pressure down. I started taking Research Verified 100% Pure Premium Omega-3 fish oil and notice how my blood pressure began to lessen. I was glad with the results that this is my second purchase, I would definitely recommend this product.“

He wasn't the only person to be satisfied by the ability of Research Verified's Omega-3 supplement to lessen blood pressure. Another user said “After doing extensive research online about a natural way to lower my blood pressure, I came across these Research Verified Omega-3 Capsules. I do not like the taste of fish at all, in fact, I despise it, so I was a little skeptical at first. But, they do not have a fishy aftertaste at all and within just a week of taking them, not only has my blood pressure gone down, but my hair is shinier, my skin looks really healthy and my nails are growing fast and strong. I would definitely recommend this product!“

This is pretty impressive, especially for someone who does not enjoy the taste of fish. In case you didn't know, Omega-3 fish oils are derived from fatty fish like salmon. If, for instance you take your supplements in the morning, the last thing you want is to be smelling like fish for the rest of the day. Research Verified has come up with some way to mask the smell of fish which seems to be a pretty important and impressive development!

Up until now, we've only looked at supplements that help overall health, but now we'll take a look at one of their products that is designed to encourage relief, their urinary tract infection relief supplement. To be fair, it only has 7 reviews, so it appears to be a rather new product, but even so, they still get 4.5 stars out of 5.

One user wrote, “ After receiving this I took 2 immediately and I kid you not within a half hour of taking I could feel much needed relief from UTI this stuff is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! google the ingredients they are the best natural ingredients. for a UTI you can find. Top Notch. I am so Happy I found this, I just can't believe how fast It's working. no more pain YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Thank You soooo much Research Verified UTI Relief for such an AWESOME Product“

Another user said, “Need help with urinary tract relief from burning or frequency? I tried a daily regimen of Research Verified UTI relief. Twice daily treatment of the Research Verified UTI relief helped, though I found for a full blown infection, antibiotics where needed. Overall, I'm pleased with having less urgency and frequency with daily treatment.“

Urinary tract infections are frequent and bothersome maladies that the Research Verified supplement seems to be clearing up completely. As you can tell, users are singing the praises of Research Verified. Have you had a good experience with a Research Verified product? If so, you can add your name to the list of reviews to educate other buyers and steer them towards the correct buying decisions.

Before we wrap up this review, we'll take a look at one more set of reviews for the Garcinia Cambogia supplement. This supplement has been reviewed on Amazon 223 times, and only got a 3 star rating. Even so, we want to discuss this one to show that even with lower overall ratings, there are still shining reviews. And even if this product doesn't work with your body type, you can still take it, leave a review with your honest opinion that it didn't work 100% and then get your money back with the refund policy. With all that said, let's take a look at some more reviews.

One said, “I compared the Research Verified brand of Garcinia Cambogia with another I was taking because sometimes I find that even if a supplement has the same ingredients, in the same amount, with the same recommended dosage -- one of them can still produce better results. The key is to figure out which brand works best for you. So I tend to experiment with supplements, and since I tend to get good results with Garcinia Cambogia, I decided to add Research Verified to my test pool.

I certainly wasn't disappointed! This is 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia. And unlike other brands, this one doesn't have calcium, which is supposed to have adverse side effects when combined with HCA.

Whenever I take any weight loss supplement, I always make an effort to eat better and get some cardio in (usually in the form of an early morning walk). That's exactly what I did with Research Verified brand. The end result? I lost 3.5 pounds in a week. And mind you, I've been working on losing weight for the past few months, so this was actual fat pounds -- NOT water weight. Not bad!

The bottom line is that not every brand works for every body. I will say that Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia did work for me.“

And another five star review noted, “What pushed me to purchase this product was the amount of weight I gained after giving birth to my son. When I was to return to work not even my maternity clothes could fit and I was getting super depressed. My friend introduced me to this Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia which is 100% pure and I decided to try it since it is from a fruit. I decided to get the three months supply and be dedicated to taking it two times a day for three months and WOW!!! I couldn't believe it, I was actually getting smaller than my maternity clothes and that pushed me after the first month to continue taking the supplements. I started my weight loss at 198 pounds and I'm 5'5'' in height and at the end of my third bottle lost 28 pounds and I never changed the way I ate or added any additional workout to my daily life.“

Another satisfied customer said, “On my search to find the “perfect for me“ Garcinia Cambogia, I found these by Research Verified. This particular veggie capsule is 800 mg in which you take twice a day which 1600 mg a day is what you will be getting. This bottle seems well put together and “official“. While they have taken time to give you the perfect packaging, the main thing is what is inside the bottle. For me I can't go wrong with Garcinia Cambogia. It is what is working for me on curbing my appetite and helping me from snacking.

I love the different purchase choices research verified offers. If you aren't sure how these will work for you and you are going strictly on reviews, try out the one bottle. When you see they are your tool for helping you lose weight, purchase the 3 pack. Split the big pack with friends and do it together. While I have seen that there is other tablets out there with more mg on the garcinia and higher HCA levels. - I still think this is a good product. While this was sent to me as a product to test in exchange for my review I found out a couple things.

1. They worked for me

2. This is a company that stands behind their product. They have bottled the best that they could and honor that back up. I think it is worth the purchase!“

So even with a low overall review, there are still many, many happy people for whom Research Verified worked wonders!

Final Thoughts On Our Research Verified Review

Given the variety of products that this company offer and the number of stellar Research Verified reviews we have seen for its products, we recommend taking a look at some of the supplements that Research Verified has to offer. Given the review, the supplement will work for you as the reviews show that it worked for everyone else, but if for some reason it doesn't work, you can return it without any questions asked, thanks to the generous no questions asked refund guarantee offered by Research Verified to its online customers. Meander on over to the Research Verified site today and see if there's something that suits your fancy.

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