What are the Different Types of Scars?

Scars can appear on our skin because of acne, deep scratches, injuries, or when we undergo surgery. Sometimes scars can fade in a few months while others become permanent fixtures on our body. Typically, scars are formed when the dermis, or deeper layer of the skin, is heavily damaged. 

There are different types of scars that can occur on our body and these are:

  • Flat, pale scars - This is the most common type of scar that usually starts a red or dark raised skin as it starts to heal. Most of the time, it will take two years, at least, before this scar fades and the raised skin disappears. This scar doesn't hurt but it will be itchy especially when your skin starts to heal. If you have dark skin, the scar will usually appear a lighter shade than that of your natural skin color. 
  • Keloids - The keloid scar, on the other hand, is basically an overgrowth of tissue that usually appears when there is too much collagen production on the wounded area - the scar keeps on growing even when the wound has already healed. Keloids tend to appear larger than the wound, can be itchy, usually raised, and may be tender to touch.
  • Hypertrophic scars - This scar is almost the same as keloids with the exception that it usually stays within the area of the wound only. It is usually red in color and can be raised. Sometimes, hypertrophic scars can restrict your movements since the scar tissue won't be as flexible as your original skin. The healing tissue tends to be thicker compared to before. Most hypertrophic scars tend to fade over time.
  • Pitted scars - Another type of scar that may present itself is the sunken, or pitted scar. This usually occurs because of acne, chicken pox or other skin conditions.
  • Stretch marks - Stretch marks usually appear when there is a sudden increase in weight or when the muscles rapidly increase. Pregnant women and weightlifters are prone to stretch marks because there are micro-tears on their skin due to bodily changes.

Why Use Research Verified Scar Repair?


Regardless of what kind of scar you have, you most likely want to make it disappear as quickly as possible. For sure, you've used all kinds of creams, ointments, and the like just to speed up healing but to no avail. But perhaps you are not looking in the right direction? It's true that there are many remedies that are designed to address scarring but not all can yield the best results. This is why we have done this Research Verified Scar Repair review because we find this scar repair product worth taking note of.

So what exactly have we learned about Research Verified's Scar Repair Treatment? Here are a few things that are worth mentioning.

1. Dual-Action Formula

Unlike other scar repair products out there, Research Verified has come up with a dual-action treatment that will not only make your scars fade but speed up the healing process. It comes with two products, the Scar Repair Gel and the Scar Repair Cream to be used in conjunction for better results.

2. It Uses Natural Ingredients


We discovered that there are plenty of natural ingredients found in the Scar Repair Cream such as onion bulb extract, vitamin E, aloe vera, allantoin, sunflower oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, and safflower oil.

All these ingredients are carefully picked for their ability to promote healing and nourishment which are needed when it comes to treating scars both inside and out. The Scar Repair Gel contains three types of medical-grade silicone which promotes healing from the inside of the skin.

3. No Additives

Another thing that we like about Research Verified Scar Repair is that both the gel and the cream for don't contain any additives, binders, or fillers that can hinder the healing process.

4. Follows The Recommended Dosage

Each ingredient that is included in this Scar Repair treatment follows the recommended dosage as suggested by doctors and health experts. All of the ingredients that are found in this product were picked by doctors based on the benefits they provide for healing scars. Research Verified Scar Repair is backed by clinical studies and is also third-party tested to ensure you are getting a quality product. This is important, especially when working with medical grade silicone, to achieve positive results.

5. Manufactured in The USA


Another plus that you should know about regarding this product is that it is created in the USA in a laboratory that is FDA registered and cGMP certified. This means that quality and safety are taken into consideration during the manufacturing and you know you are getting a safe product that follows the strictest manufacturing guidelines

4. Affordable Prices

Compared to other scar repair treatments, Research Verified offers theirs at a low price. You can get the gel or the cream for just $48 each. To buy a combo of the two products, you will pay a total of $80. The best deal for this product is to buy six bottles. If you buy six bottles of either the gel or the cream, you will pay $142.00. You can also buy three bottles of each product for a total of $144.00. These are great savings with the more you buy.

5. Money-Back Guarantee


Compared to other scar repair products that are being sold today, Research Verified offers their Scar Repair Gel and Cream with a 365-day money back guarantee. Yes, you read that right. You will get a one-year money back guarantee when you purchase from them so you will have a lot of time to really test their product out. If you are not happy with the results, just send the items back to get your refund.

Conclusion of Our Research Verified Scar Repair Review

It is understandable that you would like to make your scars disappear especially when they are on visible body parts. So if you need help making your scars disappear, we highly recommend Research Verified Scar Repair. Not only will you get a product that will nourish and make your scars disappear, but you'll also get a cream that will penetrate your skin deeper for faster healing. And with the money-back guarantee that comes with this product, you know you will get your money's worth in no time.

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