More and more health authorities are starting to come round when it comes to the benefits of reducing carb intake. Even though the benefits have been rigorously proven, many nutritionists still refuse to recommend low-carb diets, the most common complaint being that they are difficult diets to follow.

Let's get this straight once and for all.

Studies Prove that Participants do Well

The science shows that low-carb diets are, in fact, a lot easier to stick to overall. The participants also tend to make it right through to the end of the diet and are less likely to cheat.

Statistics show that those following low-carb eating plans are about 2% more likely to complete the study. It may not be a huge difference but it does disprove the myth about low-carb diets being impossible to follow.

There are also many dietary supplements that can be taken to help you stick to your healthy eating plans, one of the most common being natural products such as green coffee extract, carb blockers, forskolin and garcinia cambogia to name but a few, which can all play an active role in boosting metabolism, satiating appetite, reduce fat formation as well as fat burning.  

Your Appetite is Reduced with a Low-Carb Diet


Think of the reason that your last diet failed - was it because you constantly felt hungry and deprived? A big part of the reason that reducing carbs is so effective is that you do not feel hungry on these diets.

There are a number of theories as to why this is so (but I prefer not to look a gift horse in the mouth). Some scientists theorize that the lower levels of insulin reduce hunger while others reckon that it is because of leptin - the hunger hormone.

As long as it works, I really don't care so much why it does - I get to stick to my diet a lot more easily and naturally reduce my carb intake. This is what a truly good diet is - you feel good and satisfied and motivated to continue while still losing weight.

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Jules is an enthusiastic yogi who teaches early morning yoga workshops in central London. She has practiced yoga since childhood encouraged by her mother who is a yoga guru. She loves to practice yoga in the great outdoors and can be regularly found in a small ashram in Wales holding classes outside.

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