It sits just under your Adam's apple. It is the size of two thumbs held together in a V-shape. As small and insignificant as it may seem, the thyroid gland is a vital pawn in the game of healthy body and healthy mind.

The thyroid gland produces hormones that play a significant role in the majority of metabolic processes in your body. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the body produces too much thyroid hormone, while hypothyroidism occurs when the body produces too little thyroid hormone. Thyroid problems may also manifest in disorders such as goiter, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. Women are more likely than men to develop thyroid problems, and these are especially common straight after pregnancy and menopause.

If you're suffering from an underactive thyroid, your symptoms are likely to be characterized by any or all of the following symptoms: fatigue, constipation, low tolerance to cold, brittle hair and nails, depression, and weight gain, and if left untreated, further health complications could arise. Thyroid health is paramount to enable your body to function in a normal, healthy fashion. Even small imbalances of the thyroid can produce a drastic impact on the body, so optimum thyroid health is no luxury.


The good news is that hyperthyroidism is easy to treat simply by taking the missing thyroid hormone in supplement form on a daily basis. But that knowledge is only the first step toward reclaiming your thyroid health and enjoying normal life once more. How are you to choose which thyroid supplement is the one for you, with such a panoply of options out there, both synthetic and herbal, all claiming to be the answer, but not all of which have actually been proven effective or even safe to use?

So, we did some of the hard work for you and researched some of the best products out there. We found one of the good guys - Research Verified Thyroid Aid - and here, we give you 10 reasons why we think that this is a product worth a closer look.

10 Top Reasons Why Research Verified Thyroid Aid Is Our #1 Choice 

#1 Reason - Top Quality Supportive Herbal Blend 

Research Verified Thyroid Aid doesn't just provide you with the missing hormone and then off it goes! It actually works harder than that, with unique properties that enable it to supplement the mineral, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies that are responsible for causing thyroid disorders. It will nourish your adrenal and pituitary glands and boost your immune system, leaving you stronger and healthier all round. It also contains key ingredients for the very best thyroid boost such as iodine, which facilitates production of essential thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland; selenium, which limits inflammation in thyroid disorders, and acts as an antioxidant; magnesium, which is often deficient when there is a thyroid disorder, yet is necessary for calcium absorption; and a host of other important components, which work together to regulate and boost metabolism, mood, hormone production, immunity, and healthy weight.

Note: A supportive herbal blend will provide an added all-natural boost for helping you reach your optimal health goals.

#2 Reason - Completely Pure Product

Research Verified Thyroid Aid contains no extra fillers, binders, preservatives, or additives so you know exactly what you are getting. Each ingredient is 100% pure and has been researched and tested for effectiveness, so you know you're taking in only what your body needs for your ultimate benefit, with no hidden, unnecessary extras.

Note: Research Verified Thyroid Aid contains no artificial ingredients and is formulated exclusively for your ultimate thyroid health.

#3 Reason - Complete Transparency


Believe it or not, some products actually omit vital information such as ingredients, pricing and contact information from their website, or even from the product label itself. Research Verified has a policy of transparency, giving you all the information you need on their website and inviting you to contact them with further questions. They delineate clearly every ingredient in Thyroid Aid and their function, and you can also view the actual product label, the FDA certification, comprehensive price list, and contact details.

Unlike other products, Research Verified Thyroid Aid does not withhold any information that you, the customer, have the right to know - you are kept completely in the picture.

Note: Equipped with full information about Research Verified Thyroid Aid, you can feel confident that you know exactly what you're getting and why.

#4 Reason - No Free Trials or Auto Ship Programs

Many companies will offer you a free trial or "auto ship" program, where they will happily take your credit details, and continue to charge you or send you products, long after you no longer want them, by which point they become notoriously hard to get hold of. Research Verified plays no part in such scams. They will only send you what you asked for and what you paid for and are not out to trick anyone.

Note: With Research Verified Thyroid Aid, no one's out to trick you. You choose, you pay, and you get what you paid for.

#5 Reason - Provides a Confident Money-Back Guarantee


Research Verified Thyroid Aid offers a great online money-back guarantee, one of the best around. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the results of this product, you can return it, and they will refund your money. Other companies only allow you to return unopened bottles, and only within 30 days. Research Verified, however, allows you to return both opened and unopened bottles and gives you a full 365 days in which to do so. This is great news for consumers.

We think this demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in their product, and that you don't have to worry about wasting your money if you don't get the results you wanted. You really have nothing to lose!

Note: Research Verified Thyroid Aid's excellent money-back guarantee shows strength and confidence in this product and the positive results you will experience.

#6 Reason - Doctor Formulated and Researched


Unfortunately, there are products out there that claim to be effective thyroid supplements, but have actually not been backed up by research, and may even be dangerous. Research Verified Thyroid Aid is formulated under the guidance and expertise of some of the best medical doctors and clinical researchers in the United States. Only after thorough clinical research and documented data are the specific ingredients selected. It is the unique blend of ingredients and precise dosage perfected and determined by experts in the field that makes Research Verified Thyroid Aid so effective.

Note: Research Verified Thyroid Aid's safety and efficiency are what sets it apart from other similar products currently available on the market.

#7 Reason - Provides Excellent Multi-Purchase Price Options

Thyroid health is a long-term goal, and in the case of an underactive thyroid, lifelong treatment is usually necessary. Research Verified Thyroid Aid provides an excellent range of purchasing options with discounts for bulk buying their products online. Consumers can save an unprecedented 66%, or $277.70 when purchasing the six-month option of six bottles, allowing them to concentrate fully on their health, without added financial stress.

Note: The massive savings for bulk buying make long-term thyroid health a very affordable, realistic option for most consumers.

#8 Reason - Excellent Customer Reviews


Customer reviews provide a very useful window into how a product works and the kind of results consumers have experienced. For Research Verified Thyroid Aid, we found many positive testimonials and many happy customers. Customers report an improvement in symptoms overall, especially energy levels and decreased hair loss.

Note: Positive testimonials speak for themselves. This product is changing lives!

#9 Reason - Certified Third-Party Tested, FDA and cGMP


Research Verified Thyroid Aid puts research and quality assurance at the top of their list. Not only is it produced in the United States in an FDA-registered manufacturing facility, their process is cGMP certified and abides by the strictest regulations. It is third-party tested, unlike other products out there where research results are backed by the manufacturer's word alone, raising concerns of bias. You want to know your supplement is safe, effective, and works, and you want those claims backed up. With Research Verified Thyroid Aid, you can feel reassured on all accounts.

Note: Research Verified Thyroid Aid meets and exceeds the strictest manufacturing guidelines and provides top quality assurance.

#10 Reason - Provides Excellent Customer Service

There's no doubt about it that good customer service very often reflects the standard of the company you are buying from. If the service is bad, or even worse, non-existent, then this sloppy attitude may well reflect the virtues that are adopted when creating the product.


The team at Research Verified Thyroid Aid takes their job seriously. Their customer support team is second to none. They provide a dedicated telephone line, as well as email and online request forms. We found them helpful and informative. No wonder they have fantastic ratings for customer service.

Note: Where so many others fall short, Research Verified Thyroid Aid's excellent customer service shows just how dedicated to their customers they are.

Research Verified Thyroid Aid Review - Conclusion

If you are looking for an all-natural, effective formula to help you achieve thyroid health and an overall boost, then Research Verified Thyroid Aid ticks all the boxes.

Whatever supplement you are going to buy, make sure you read the labels and know what you are buying. What you put in your body should be the very best quality and you should settle for nothing less.


We hope we have given you some direction regarding what to look for in a quality thyroid supplement. You can't go far wrong with Research Verified Thyroid Aid. Their formula is pumped full of thyroid-boosting ingredients, as well as an all-natural synergistic herbal blend of supportive ingredients to support optimum health all round.

They have a clinically-proven doctor-recommended formula, great guarantee, excellent customer feedback and some consumer-friendly buying options. You can't go wrong! To find out more, see the full Research Verified review.

We have been very impressed with the range of products that this company has to offer, Research Verified Thyroid Aid has not let us down. Great product from a great company.

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